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The Reporter, founded by The Reporter Cultural Foundation, is Taiwan’s very first non-profit media organization. We focus on in-depth reportage and investigative journalism, publishing our works on an open-source website. We are dedicated to probing issues at stake and to build a diverse modern society and media environment.

The Reporter Cultural Foundation

Director / Chang De Liu

Board of Directors / Sunny Lin, Wen Yung Hou, Po Ru Ke, Jason Hsu, Xu Tian Huang, Yu Yo Lin, Ruei Cheng Jheng, Yu Ching Tsai, Hsiao Wei Chiu, Richy Li Supervisor / Wei Wen Li, Chih Chang, Shun Xiao Chen

Consultant / Yi Ru Liu, Shieu Chi Weng Legal Consultant / Yi Hsiu Hou, Kuo Yen Weng, Yeh Hsin Chen Chief Executive Officer / Jung Shin Ho Deputy Chief Executive Officer / Sherry Lee Administration Manager / Jennifer Cheng Marketing Executive / Jane Li Brand & Product Marketing Executive / Hsing Ying Chen

The Reporter Foundation was founded with T.H. Tung's personal donation of NTD 5 million, and depends on donations to maintain operations hereafter.

The Reporter

Editor-in-Chief‭ / Sherry Lee Editorial Managing Director / Hui Chun Yang Deputy Editor-in-Chief / Jason Liu Managing Editor / Tzewu Chang, Po Chun Ho Senior Journalist / Wen Ting Yen, Fu Nien Tsao Journalist‭ /William Kung, Yu Yo Lin, Hui Chen Lin, Chieh Chen, De Lun Chen, Will Yang Data Journalist / Hao Hsiang Ke Audio Content Manager / Jean Lan Managing Editor / Shih Yun Chang Coordinator editor / Chin Hsuan Hung Editor‭ / Szu Hua Chen Product Manager / Ivory Chia Art Designer / Yu Chen Huang, Chen Na Lin, Ethan Kong Software Engineer / Ching Yang Tseng, Taylor Fang Photo Department Director / Chih Wei Yu Photojournalist‭ / Tzu Lei Yang, Hsiao Wei Chen, Yen Ting Lin

The Reporter is a non-profit media organization founded by The Reporter Foundation and relies on public donation. We focus on in-depth reportage and investigative journalism.

Principles of Donation

  1. All donators should follow the principle of “Three-No”: no ownership, no intervention, and no return.
  2. The Reporter does not accept donations from political parties and people.
  3. Donations more than one million NTD will be reviewed by a Review Committee from the Board of Directors, who will make decisions on whether to accept or refuse certain donations.
  4. Donations more than one million NTD must be signed by the donor.



Sep.1 ,2015

The Reporter Foundation was founded.

Dec.16, 2015

The Reporter officially came online.


Jun. 25, 2016

Hosted "Meet-readers on Rooftop," to invite readers from all fields to have face-to-face talks.

Aug. 2016

Aug.~Sep. 2016

Held "Who's the Reporter" Seminars in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Hualien.

Sep. 23, 2016

Attended the Second Asian Investigative Journalism Conference "Uncovering Asia" in Kathmandu, Nepa, hosted by the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN), the Centre for Investigative Journalism, Nepal, and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

Oct. 25, 2016

Launched the first newsgame in Taiwan "Daily Life of the Emergency Room" was admitted as a finalist of the Investigative Report Award of 2016 Excellent Journalism Awards.

Dec.18, 2016

Published Investigative Report of the Year "Fake, Exploitation, and Distressful Fishery," a result of collaboration with Indonesia’s renowned investigative media Tempo magazine.


Jan.14, 2017

Held Investigative Reporting Workshop & Photography Workshop.

Feb. 2017

Authorized and published "The stateless children of immigrant workers in Taiwan."

Feb. 25, 2017

Held "The Reporter's Photography Workshop: Image Locally Rooted Project."

Mar. 25, 2017

Held "The Reporter X Megaport Festival: Capsule News."

Apr. 10, 2017

"Fake, Exploitation, and Distressful Fishery," a collaborative reporting by The Reporter and Tempo magazine, was reported by GIJN.

Apr. 2017

Published first book based on the investigative report: "Fake, Exploitation, and Distressful Fishery."

May 16 2017

Hosted the first book launch seminar of Fake, Exploitation, and Distressful Fishery in Taipei

Jun. 4, 2017

Invited by Waseda University to join international conference and seminars of Investigative Journalism in the Asia Region: Perspectives and Prospects.

Jun.15 2017

The Reporter won four awards at The SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence

Jun. 28, 2017

The Reporter became a member of GIJN (Global Investigative Journalism Network), the first one in Mandarin speaking world. The Reporter will be an new force of the international investigative journalism network.

Jul. 3 2017

Interviewed Taiwan's Premier Lin Chuan and published the feature story "Review the Budget for Forward-Looking Infrastructure Plan"


Mar. 2018

Attended a conference hosted by German’s Konrad-Adenauer-Stifting(KAS) foundation in Essen, Germany, to share experience in cross-boarder investigative journalism and to discuss the possibility to corporate with journalists from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, India and Indonesia.

Oct. 5, 2018

Attended the 3rd Asian Investigative Journalism Conference "Uncovering Asia" in Seoul, South Korea, hosted by the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN), the Korea Center for Investigative Journalism, and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

Oct. 6 2018

Editor-in-chief Sherry Lee delivers a speech on the subject of "cross-border investigations" with two-time Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Martha Mendoza of the Associated Press, Pramod Acharya, journalist with Centre for Investigative Journalism in Nepal and Wahyu Dhyatmika, managing editor of Tempo Newsroom in Indonesia during the 3rd Asian Investigative Journalism Conference "Uncovering Asia" in Seoul, South Korea.

Oct. 6 2018

Launched the traditional Chinese edition of the Investigative Journalism Manual at the 3rd Asian Investigative Journalism Conference "Uncovering Asia" in Seoul, South Korea. The Investigative Journalism Manual was created by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and translated by The Reporter, which also helped to distribute to the Chinese readership.


The Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA) 2017


Tai Hai Press Photo Contest



  • Tai Hai Economic News/Sliver/Chih Wei Yu
  • Tai Hai Portrait News/Gold/Chih Wei Yu
  • Tai Hai LFCN / Sliver/Chih Wei Yu

Human Rights Press Awards




Excellent Journalism Award




Vivian Wu Journalism award






Taiwan Innocence Press Awards


Taiwan Press Photo Contest


  • Portrait / Second Place / Chih Wei Yu
  • Portrait / Honor / Yu En Lin
  • Series / Honor / Yu En Lin


  • The Best Photographer of the year/Chih Wei Yu
  • Series / First Place/Chih Wei Yu
  • Reporting Breaking News / Third Place/Chih Wei Yu
  • Portrait / First Place/Chih Wei Yu
  • 圖文特寫類 / Honor / Chih Wei Yu
  • 自然環境與科技類 / Third Place, Honor/Chih Wei Yu
  • Arts & Culture Reporting / Honor / Long Hei Chan





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